17 February, 2017

Book Puja on Maha Shivratri

Invokes blessings from Lord Shiva for immediate relief from problems and fulfillment of all desires. You can Book special Puja for Lord Shiva on Maha Shivratri (24th Feb. 2017). Our team of brahmins will perform Laghurudra Puja as per vedic rituals on your behalf. Laghurudra Puja is very auspiscious on Maha Shivratri Day. We highly recommend this Puja for you as it's the ultimate solution for all your problems.

We need the following from you:
1. Your Name
2. Gotra, ie, the presiding Rishi of your family. (This is not compulsory)
3. Sankalp, ie, the specific wish with which you are getting the Puja performed.
4. Postal Address, Phone/Mobile No., Email Address.
5. Donation (Dakshina)

How long it takes:
After receiving your Puja Request and Donation, Our Team of Brahmins will do Puja on your behalf on Shivratri. Puja will be performed as per the genuine Vedic tradition by qualified Pundits on the promised day.

After the Puja is completed, we will send you Bilvapatra (which used in Shiv Puja) and Shiv Yantra via Speed Post.

How to Book Puja:
Call us at: +91 9978215600
Booking of puja on first come fist serve basis. Book fast, limited puja permitted….!

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