07 April, 2016

Remedies for Sadesati Panoti

Are you affected by Sadesati Panoti ? Here are some Remedies to reduce the effects of Shani's Sadesati :

– Perform fast (Upvaas) on every Saturday.
– Visit Hanuman temple on every Tuesday and Saturday and offer prasad there.
– Donate mustard oil by seeing your shadow on it.
– Donate black til, black cloth and coconut as per your capacity.
– Offer a mustard oil deepak under the peepal tree on sturdays.
– Chant Shani chalisa or Read Hanuman Chalisa daily.
– Offer chappatis to black dog on saturday.
– Shani Dev gets really angry if his devotee drinks alcohol or follow some other bad habit. So, do not drink alcohol especially during Sadesati Period !
– Fix a black horse shoe on the main entrance of the house.
– Don't buy black clothes and leather items on Saturdays.

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