07 August, 2015

Vastu Tips for Home

  • The main Door (Entrance) must be little bigger & beautiful than other doors in house. This helps bring prosperity.
  • Keep the Deities idols (Murti) and photos of facing the East or West in the temple at home.
  • Do light a ghee lamp (Deepak) in front of the Deities at your Puja place in Home every day, in morning and evening. After lighting a lamp (Deepak) in puja room, offer Gugal dhoop to every part of your home.
  • Plant Tulsi in the East side at Balcony, Terrace or Courtyard. Light a lamp in front of it in the evening.
  • Place a picture of bright Sunrise on South side wall and Place Family group picture on West side wall in drawing room. Place Furniture, heavy Cabinet etc. in West or South side in drawing room.
  • Don't keep artificial or plastic flowers in Drawing room, Instead decorate your house with real flowers.
  • Study room or Study table should be placed in the East side. Student face should be at East or North while studying.
  • Kitchen should be in the South East corner. Place Gas stove in the South East and drinking water at North East corner.
  • Make sure your bed doesn't face a Mirror, Dressing Table or anything made of glass in Bedroom. The best sleeping direction is head towards the South. This position increase wealth and good for sound sleep.
  • Don't place TV or Computer opposite the bed in Children's room. Door should not be exactly opposite to the bed.
  • Keep the doors of your Toilet and Bathroom closed most the time. Toilet & Bathroom should be separate (not attached).
  • Toilet and Bathroom should be located in Southwest or Northwest corner (direction) in home. Toilet & Bathroom should not be near kitchen and under the stairs. Toilet & Bathroom is major source of negative energy.

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