24 April, 2014

Natural Emerald - The Gemstone of Mercury

Emerald is ruled by Mercury. Those who have Mercury as lord of an auspicious house in their birth chart may find emeralds beneficial. If Mercury is in an inauspicious house or is aspected by a malefic planet, it may also be advisable to wear emeralds, but its use in this case should be prescribed by a qualified astrologer.

A natural emerald will bring wealth, good health, property, and increase a person’s intelligence. Emeralds help increase memory, which has the effect of also improving the wearer’s education and psychic abilities. Emeralds give energy and balance, calm the mind, give mental peace, and help meditation.

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The Gems should be selected as per the Horoscope needs otherwise there can be reverse results. We advice you to please Consult your Horoscope before wearing any Gem Stone.

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