04 January, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal - Horoscope analysis

Date of Birth: 16/08/1968,
Time of Birth: 11:46 PM,
Birth Place: Hissar

Vrishabh Lagna indicates deep spiritual nature and self-confident person. Guru in 4th house and Chandra in 1st house - He will get benefits and support from Saints. Best combination of 4 planets Guru, Budh, Surya and Shukra in 4th house. Mangal in 3rd and Shani in 12 house, There is also Budhaditya yoga in 4th house. It's very good for courage, will power and mind stability. also give him political power. He will remain politically active during Guru's Dasha (up to 17th Aug. 2020). But Ketu in 5th house and Rahu in 11th house make him critical decision maker and He will always under pressure from others in Politics.

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