18 September, 2013

Pitru Paksha Shraddh in 2013

The period of Bhadrapad Krishna Paksha is known as Pitru Paksha. It is considered inauspicious due to its association with death. The shraddh is performed on the specific lunar day during the Pitru Paksha, when the ancestor (parent or paternal grandparent died).

20 September (Friday) Pratipada & Dwitiya Shraddh
21 September (Saturday) Tritiya Shraddh
22 September (Sunday) Chaturthi Shraddh
23 September (Monday) Maha Bharani Shraddh
24 September (Tuesday) Panchami Shraddh
25 September (Wednesday) Shashthi Shraddh
26 September (Thursday) Saptami Shraddh
27 September (Friday) Ashtami Shraddh
28 September (Saturday) Navami Shraddh
29 September (Sunday) Dashami Shraddh
30 September (Monday) Ekadashi Shraddh
01 October (Tuesday) Dwadashi Shraddh
02 October (Wednesday) Trayodashi Shraddh
03 October (Thursday) Chaturdashi Shraddh
04 October (Friday) Sarva Pitru Amavasy Shraadh

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