16 September, 2011

Sankashti Chaturthi

Sankashti Chaturthi is auspicious day dedicated to Lord Ganesh. Sankashti Chaturthi falls on 4th day of the Krishna Paksha (waning lunar phase after the full moon). Sankashti means deliverance during troubled times, hence observing this Vrat is believed to reduce your problems. on Sankasti Chaturthi , the devotees observe fast. They break the fast at night after evening puja or after sighting the moon preceded by prayers to Lord Ganesh. On this day Ganapati Atharvashesh is recited to get the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

If this Chaturthi falls on a Tuesday it is called Angarki Chaturthi. On Angarki Chaturthi devotees believe their wishes would be fulfilled if they pray on this auspicious day.... Jay Genesh.

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