16 August, 2011

Kaalsarpdosh Nivaran on Naag Panchami

In Shravan month, the Day of Naag Panchami is dedicated to the Snake god. The snake god (Naaga) is always seen around the neck of lord Shiva. So the festival also has mythological importance.

Naag panchami has special importance for the horoscopes having Kaalsarp Dosha. Kaalsarp Dosha is formed when all the seven planets found in between Rahu and Ketu. Naag Panchami is the best day to perform Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran Puja to reduce the Negative effect of above Dosha.

If you have Kaalsarp Dosha in your Horoscope, You can perform Puja on Naag Panchami Day. We offer online Pooja Booking for our Clients, who are living outside India. We have the Team of Qualified Brahmins. Contact us for more Information. Call: +91 9978215600 OR Send Email at: dharmeshbhai@gmail.com

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