29 March, 2011

Astrology - India V/s Pakistan Match

India V/s Pakistan Semi Final
Date: 30th March 2011
Time: 03:00 pm
Venue: Chandigarh

Analysis of the match between India v/s. Pakistan:

As per Numrology the day (30) have no. 3. Match will be started on 3 pm also ! Mohali and India both name have no. 12 (1+2=3). It means the Vanue place and date is lucky for Indian Team. As per Team Dress code - India have Blue and Pakistan have Green color. Wedensday's lucky colour is Green - It means dress color is lucky for Pakistan team. Blue color is symbol of Shani - and it's not favourable for Indian Team specially on Wednesday.

You can see the Horoscope for above date and time. This Horoscope have Kark lagna and Chandra in 7th house. Guru in his own house with Surya and Mangal which is powerful for Indian team.

I think this Semi Final will be a very tight match. But, The Magic of no. 3 and Guru - Surya's position will be very Important. The chances are seen for Indian Team to win the match.

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