06 June, 2010

Drawbacks of Mobile Phone

# Rays transmitted through mobile phones are not good for health. It may affect the human brain cells.
# Depression, fatigue, sleep disorders and loss of appetite are the other problems can cause due to the usage of mobile phones.
# Psychiatrists believes that mobile phone addiction is becoming one of the non-drug addictions in the 21st century.
# Long term use of mobile phones may be linked to some cancers and male infertility.
# Using mobile phone while driving will lead to an accident.
# Cyber bullying is a bullying act using offensive words and behavior via online chatting, emails or SMS text messages.

Safety Measures:
# Always use head set or speaker to talk.
# Use the mobile phone only for short calls.
# When the signal is very weak, avoid using the mobile phone.
# Don't give mobile phones to young children. The radio waves can easily penetrate to child's skull.
# Never use the cell phones on road and while driving. Also keep it away from the bed room while sleeping.
# Switch it off, when you are in hospital and petrol stations.

Mobile phone is a smart electronic device; its usage should be minimum and try to utilize its advantages in a proper way.

(source: http://mobilephones-details.blogspot.com)

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