14 May, 2009

Jupiter Transits affect on Moonsign

Jupiter (Guru) enter into Aquarius sign (Kumbh rashi) on 1 May 2009 and remain there till 30 July 2009. Jupiter will re-enter Capricorn sign (Makar rasi) in retrograde motion, and become direct on October 13, 2009, before finally entering Aquarius Sign (Kumbha Rasi) on December 19. 2009. These frequent changes in Jupiter movement during the year will certainly leave a strong impact on all the Rashis (Moonsign).

How will it affect you ?

Aries (Mesh) :
Jupiter enter into 11th house of your Rashi. You will get very good support from good friends. Financially, this transit will bring many gains in business and other sources. Your investments will get good returns. You are entering into a gainful period. You will get income from many sources. You can implement your long term projects.

Taurus (Vrishabh) :
Jupiter enter into 10th house of your Rashi. People working in the public sector undertakings and government department jobs will have a very good time. But you should avoid problems with higher authorities. People in the Business line have to be extremely careful in the financial dealings. Don't start any new ventures during this period which may incur losses.This will be a good and peaceful time for the persons who are working in private companies.

Gemini (Mithun) :
Jupiter enter into 9th house of your Rashi. Fortune and Luck will be favoring in all the areas of your life. You will feel like a blessed person and happy human being. You can try new endeavors in the professional atmosphere and will get good amount of success. This good transit also indicates lot of social work and religious works. Long distance travel will be fruitful.

Cancer (Kark) :
Jupiter enter into 8th house of your Rashi. You will get unnecessary problems in the official atmosphere. Job change and unnecessary transfer to some unwanted place is likely. General loss is expected in all pursuits. So avoid speculations. Some of you may get hereditary and ancestral property. Long distance travels should be avoided. If you have problems in office, you have to be patient in your approach. Money flow will get obstructed and it is difficult to save money.

Leo (Sinh) :
Jupiter enter into 7th house of your Rashi. You will get auspicious events in family like marriage or new house warming ceremony. You will attend many auspicious functions. Marriage in the family is not ruled out. Relationship with the partners and Spouse will be cordial. It is good time for the people who want to start partnership business. Partnership business will do well during this time. You will get new friends and contacts which will be fruitful.

Virgo (Kanya) :
Jupiter enter into 6th houe of your Rashi. Health may be affected in this period. Avoid any things that affect your reputation. If you have any pending court case or debt problem, you should try to postpone those things for some time .While traveling; you have to practice extra care. your relationship with your uncle and other male members in the family may not be smooth in this period.

Libra (Tula) :
Jupiter enter into 5th house of your Rashi. You will taste a grand success in all your endeavors. This is the good time for speculation and book authoring since your intelligence will shine a lot during this time. You will be performing well in the job and get promotions. In the family life, the married will get blessed with children or the progress of your children will be a pleasant surprise to you. They will show expected result. In general, you will feel more fortunate during this time. It can be a new job, or promotion, success in business or child birth in family.

Scorpio (Vrischik) :
Jupiter enter into 4th house of your Rashi. If you need to take a treatment for a long pending health issue, you can undergo that treatment during this time. Your efforts will bring success during the last minute after passing many struggles. Your domestic harmony will be good and you will be inclined to more spiritual feelings. Domestic comfort level will increase. For some purchase of new vehicle is on the card. People who want to renovate their homes can do so in this period. Relationship with Mother will be very cordial.

Sagittarius (Dhan) :
Jupiter enter into 3rd house of your Rashi. In this period, opportunities will knock at your door but you will miss many good opportunities during this time. Your relations with friends will get affected. You have to try hard to keep the existing opportunities. Take care of your health also. Don't plan for bigger projects during this time. You have to pass this period with lots of patience.

Capricorn (Makar) :
Jupiter enter into 2nd house of your Rashi. If you are suffering from sugar related problem should control their carving for to eat so many sweet items. If you are diabetic check your sugar level and bring it under control. This is good time for the people who work in some financial institutions and multinational bank s. they may have increased income. Family gathering and functions will be memorable. An additional member in the family may be expected for some people.

Aquaries (Kumbh) :
Jupiter enter into your Rashi. You will have a heavy expenditure during this one year and try to convert those expenditures as good investments for your future. Don't be lavish in nature and avoid bad habits .identify the good source of income in this period and work on it. Family life will be harmonious and you will have peace and prosperity. Your words will be nicer to the people around you and they will return the same to you. If you are planning to buy house, you can do it with ease. You will easily get the finance from banks or from family members.

Piaces (Meen) :
Jupiter enter into 12th house of your Rashi. Don't argue with friends and family members who will test your patience during this one year. You will have very straight forward thinking and people will challenge this nature of you. Don't loose temperament on those types of situations. If you have plans to travel abroad for education or job, you can forward with those plans. You will get a very good cash flow. Health will become good.

Remember the fact that these predictions are general as per Moonsign and the specific predictions will change slightly according to your own individual horoscope. You can consult your Horoscope for more Information. Click Here to Book an Appointment.

11 May, 2009

घरमें देवालय कैसा हो ?

नवीन घर में यदि देवालय अलग कमरे में हो तो अति शुभ है।
यदि ऐसा न हो तो उसे ऐसे कमरे में रखें जहाँ शयन न करते हों।

देवालय बनाते समय व पूजा करते समय निम्न बातों का ध्यान रखें :

* देवालय मंदिर या गुंबद के आकार का न बनाकर ऊपर से चपटा बनवाएँ।
* देवालय जहाँ तक हो सके ईशान कोण में रखें। यदि ईशान ‍न मिले तो पूर्व या पश्चिम में स्थापित करें।
* देवालय में कुल देवता, देवी, अन्नपूर्णा, गणपति, श्रीयंत्र आदि की स्थापना करें।
* तीर्थ स्थानों से खरीदी मूर्तियों को देवालय में न रखें। पारंपरिक मूर्तियों की ही पूजा करें।
* आसन बिछाकर मूर्तियाँ रखें। पूजा करते समय आप भी आसन पर बैठकर पूजा करें।
* मूर्तियाँ किसी भी हालत में चार इंच से अधिक लंबी न हों।
* नाचते गणपति, तांडव करते शिव, वध करती कालिका आदि की मूर्तियाँ या तस्वीरें न रखें।
* महादेव के लिंग के रूप की आराधना करें, मूर्ति न रखें।
* पूजा करते समय मुख उत्तर या पूर्व की ओर रखें।
* दीपक आग्नेय कोण में (देवालय के) ही जलाएँ। पानी उत्तर में रखें।
* पूजा में शंख-घंटे का प्रयोग अवश्य करें।
* निर्माल्य-पुष्प-नारियल आदि पूजा के पश्चात विसर्जित करें, घर में न रखें।
* पूजा के पवित्र जल को घर के हर कोने में छिड़कें।
* मीठी वस्तुओं का भोग लगाएँ।
* खंडित मूर्तियों का विसर्जन कर दें। विसर्जन से पहले उन्हें भोग अवश्य लगाएँ।

(source: Bharti Pandit, Webdunia.com)